Tinder For PC/Web – How to Automate Swiping?

Tinder For PC

Tinder.. A word which changed the way we used to meet new people, it is really a revolution that now we can find people near to us and have the same desires as ours. Tinder App is really a job done by the developers and the design looks really elegant they also came up with a web version for the same, for the guys I must say it is the best thing for you guys because now you can work and swipe side by side because I know how crazy you are right now..

How really this Tinder For PC/WEB works?

So Basically, if you just go to Tinder.com Homepage you will find a pop-up like this

Tinder For PC

If you are the one who used Facebook while signing in this crazy app, then just simply login with Facebook

If you use your phone number while signing in then keep use the same number and you can access your same account which you are using on your phone

and that’s it , no rocket science

Some Facts why you should you use Tinder for PC ?

Tinder for PC allows us to use browser extensions which means something tricky can be done here…

How to Automate Swiping?

If you are the one who really finds swiping uneasy you must try this process :

1. Go to Auto Liker For Tinder ( For chrome browsers only )

2. Install and Active it, you can see a Tinder Logo on your extension bar.

3. Now simply, sign in your Tinder on the web and then press that Fire button and it will auto like the profiles

4. It will process till your browser is open, you can work on side by side you enjoy your movies just don’t turn your laptop off

5. That’s it you are good to go, The extension is less than a Megabyte will not effect on your chrome browsing

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